Safeguarding: A Child-Centred Perspective 

Serious Case Reviews inevitably contain references to the voice of the child not being heard: soon enough or sometimes, not at all.   Lessons, they say, must be learned.  We must do things differently.  Next time.  But how do we do that?  

Staff in schools are in a unique position to listen, understand and provide an environment in which the voice of the child is heard. 

We look at the legal framework around children's rights, what to do if confronted with a disclosure, how to handle 'next steps'; to whom do we report - when and how? And if that doesn't work?   

“When and in what way were the child’s wishes and feelings ascertained and taken account of when making decisions about the provision of children’s services?”
Methodology: Merton Safeguarding Children Board. Child A , Serious Case Review

“Teachers are more likely to see victims on a regular basis than almost any other professional. They will notice recurrent or prolonged absences and significant changes in behaviour. They are therefore key in identifying children at risk at an early stage.”
Child Sexual Exploitation and the response to localised grooming
House of Commons Home Affairs Committee – HC 68-1 pp 69 para 30

“It is shocking to see that too often, children in vulnerable situations are not heard by those who should be looking out for their interests”
Christine Gilbert, HM Chief Inspector, (

Learning the Lessons.....Joining the dots: There is so much safeguarding training available for all professionals working with children and vulnerable young adults. BUT there is a gap. A gaping hole in the net that is designed to catch and keep safe, those we so desperately need to reach........... read more

Suitable for:    Senior Leadership, Attendance Managers, Teachers, School Support Staff and all who work with vulnerable young people.

Course content: 

  • Enhancing skills in relation to children and young people.

  • Learning to listen: a child’s voice.

  • Incorporating the views of children & young people into one’s practice.

  • Next steps: taking action: who, what, where & how.

Certified advocacy training for school staff is also available.  Please ask for details.

Lunch is provided for participants attending a full day's training (2 half-day sessions at same venue)