UK Regional Training from PACT

Outstanding training from experienced practitioners with a range of expertise and depth of knowledge that’s rare indeed.


No ‘sound bites’, no small chunks of information that leave you with more questions than answers. And definitely no ‘keynote speakers’ that cost a fortune to bring in and add to your training expenses. Just real, genuine, proper, practical training with outcomes and resources that will help you in your role as a safeguarding or attendance professional.

Here’s where we will be (and more are on the way):

What are we offering? Here’s the programme:

Accurate Coding and Pupil Registration Practice

Coding of the registration of children attending school is a legal requirement.  It shows us that children are accessing their legal right to an education; it tells us the whereabouts of our children.  Safe and in school - or missing?  Educated off-site or ill?  Not at home?  Where?   Coding must therefore be accurate and to neglect the accurate coding of school attendance is to do so at the risk of criminal offence or worse: the unaccountable disappearance of a pupil.  Attendance, after all, is a safeguarding issue.  

Pupil Deletion from Roll

Ofsted and the Children's Commissioner for England have raised concerns about children being taken off roll and 'disappearing' from the authorities.   In the process of school inspections, data concerning children who have been removed from roll is studied and analysed.

This session aims to inform schools of their legal responsibilities, ensuring that pupils are removed from roll safely,  appropriately and within the lawful framework as set out by national government statutes.

Attendance & the Ofsted Framework

The Ofsted Framework clearly reflects the emphasis and relevance of attendance not only on achievement, but more specifically around safeguarding in schools, academies, alternative provision and other educational establishments.  Don't let attendance issues be the distraction from excellent Ofsted outcomes.    Many schools have 'missed the mark' by not addressing attendance issues, thereby appearing to be lacking in their safeguarding strategies.  This session will give you the information you need to be able to implement good practice and offer evidence of strategies that are in place to tackle this serious safeguarding concern. 

Reducing Persistent Absence

The Persistent Absence threshold  is 90% - and the way Government collects and collates your PA data impacts your absence figures.  How you identify, monitor, track, collate and analyse your data therefore, will be reflected in Government statistics for your school.   Work effectively with both students and parents to effect change is only possible  if you know your data! 

Each session is approximately 3 hours - enough time to give you detail, application, case studies: REAL TRAINING!

How do we do ALL this in a day? We give you 2 options and we’ve put together sessions that will complement one another, so you’ll get related training - things which fit together well. If you want to cover the lot, come with a colleague! We offer discounts for multiple bookings. 20% discount for subsequent bookings from the same school. Why? Because these four sessions give you the training you need to competently manage attendance and our aim is to support school staff to do that.

All four courses are CPD accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office. The rigorous examination of our courses to fulfil the required criteria for this accreditation, ensure the training you receive will be of the highest quality. And you’ll get a certificate to prove it!

Training Day costs:  

  • Early Bird discount (book before January 1st 2019) : £225 first person.

  • Second and subsequent bookings from same school: £180 pp

  • Book after January 1st 2019 : £250 first person

  • Second and subsequent bookings from same school: £200 pp

Includes lunch, together with all training materials and resources.