How can we help?

As a senior manager who has just been handed the portfolio for attendance, this may be a role that's new to you.  Or perhaps you're new to the school?  You're asked to 'take care' of attendance.  You're given an attendance role.  What does that mean?  How hard can it be?  Read on!


Too much to do?

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of managing attendance?   Talk to us!  We can offer you some initial advice regarding the different aspects of attendance and suggest some strategies for developing the skills and abilities of staff to manage an effective and efficient attendance programme.

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Something missing?

Perhaps you feel you've got the gist of all this but not quite sure how it fits together.  Are there areas of improvement you could make that would raise attendance and therefore attainment for all your pupils?  We offer practical solutions through a range of consultancy packages..

Something more specific?

For a perfect fit to your particular circumstances, we can offer bespoke training, tailor-made to the specific circumstances of your school or academy.   We spend time with you to plan and shape the training to fit your staff, your school and your particular needs.