Family Court: A Survival Guide for Professionals                                                                    

Any court process is complicated.  Family Court has specific rules and regulations designed to ensure the multi agency process integrates and ‘dovetails’ timelines, legal boundaries, departmental processes and safeguarding responsibilities for all affected parties.    Keeping your focus on supporting pupils and/or parents in these circumstances, while ensuring you adhere to the rules can be daunting. 

Court Process for children, parent(s) and school can seem complicated and time-consuming.    This course offers the opportunity to see how it all fits together and what responsibilities and lines of communication the school has at its disposal to help them through the process. 

Suitable for:  All school staff who may be involved in the family courts, supporting children and  families through the court process.

Programme Outline

The course content is split into 4 segments, beginning with the context of Family Court within the CP processes, legal requirements and responsibilities incumbent upon the school.

  • The Child Protection Process Overview

  • The Family Courts and Care Proceedings Overview

  • Attending Court as a Witness: Care Proceedings & Attendance Hearings

  • Being a Credible Witness

Full Programme Details:

The Child Protection Process: General Overview

  • The Law, Process, Circumstances

  • Strategy Discussions / ICPC / PLO / Proceedings

  • Case Studies

  • The role of different professionals

The Family Courts and Care Proceedings

  • Family Courts and Jurisdiction

  • Public and Private Proceedings – Understanding the difference

  • Timeline of Proceedings

  • Case Studies

Attending Court as a Witness

  • Court Process

  • Court Etiquette

  • Giving evidence

  • What to expect

Being a Credible Witness

  • Preparation (Notes, Evidence)

  • Knowing your case

  • What the court are asking of you as a witness

  • Professional role and boundaries in the court arena


This course is accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office.

This course is accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office.