Courses are offered for individual staff attendance (perhaps you need just one or two staff trained in a particular aspect of attendance) or bespoke for staff teams in schools, academies or clusters.  

We train service teams in local authorities too, equipping to cascade training to their own staff and to schools, with our train-the-trainer, programme.


General Attendance Issues:

  • Accurate Coding & Pupil Registration

  • Attendance Training for School Governors

  • Early Years: Attendance Workshop Skills for EY Practitioners

  • Pupil Deletion from Roll

  • Reducing Persistent Absence

  • School Attendance & the Ofsted Framework

  • Strategic Attendance Planning


  • A Child-centred Perspective

  • Attendance & Vulnerable Pupils

  • Child Advocacy

  • Children's Rights

  • Home Visiting: Personal Safety

  • Home Visiting: Safe & Well Checks

  • Family Court: A Survival Guide for Professionals

Other Training:        

  • Bid Writing Basics for Schools

  • Chairing Meetings

  • Presentation Skills (Basic)

  • Presentation Skills (Advanced)

  • Train-the-Trainer


  • Attendance Audit and Consultation

  • Attendance programmes and implementation

  • Managing an Attendance Team

Sessions are half-day (3-3.5 hours) or full day (6-7 hours.) Bespoke sessions vary depending on specific requirements: we will tailor bespoke courses to suit particular school issues you request us to address or the CPD needs of your staff.   We are based in the Midlands and run courses throughout the year for individual attendance training.  Click on the side bar to access course details.