Bespoke Training Services

Bespoke Services

If you’ve decided the best route for your staff is bespoke training on a specific theme, then call us. After talking through your needs and desired outcomes, we can usually give you an estimate of costs within 24 hours.

We can offer everything from a 1-hour briefing (early morning to twilight session), to half or full day training or even a regular package of training over one to three terms.

Arranging training for all staff within a specific specialism area across several schools or a local authority directorate is both effective and economical. There are many benefits in offering staff the opportunity to receive the same clear key messages and skills, at the same time. The cost is far less per head and the result is consistent practical application, together with the opportunity for staff to share good practice both throughout the session and for long after, through good networking. Contact us now to arrange an appointment. We’ll come to you and help you put together the perfect package of training for your staff.