Attendance and the Early Years

A Workshop for Early Years Professionals to engage Parents and Carers in Attendance Issues

This course has been developed as a resource to improve attendance and punctuality in early years settings in consultation and collaboration with a number of early years practitioners
The programme helps identify the barriers to regular attendance and good levels of punctuality; building on and strengthening the relationship between child and parent /carer and early years professionals.  Documents that support the attendance programme are:

  • Charlie Taylor report- Early Intervention in Early Years

  • Graham Allen report: Early Intervention and the Good Society.

  • Early years inspection handbook May 2019, No. 180040 page 36 para.149 (Behaviour and Attitudes, Grade Descriptors)

“The right kind of intervention is especially important in the first three years of children’s lives”                                                                                          Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Children learn and develop well in an enabling environment; in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and or carers. The programme consists of 2 workshops for parents, to introduce them to the importance of attendance by using the Cool Kittens materials and resources.  The session for practitioners is a full day programme and consists of:

  • An introduction to the tool kit and workshop manual

  • Guidance on the use of the materials

  • Working with adult learners

 The course provides full training notes and covers the following topics:

  • Creating good habits and the benefits of a good routine in the home

  • Identifying barriers to good attendance and strategies to overcome those barriers

  • Establishing and maintaining effective communication between the parents and childcare settings.

  • Working together - supporting parents’ hopes and expectations for their children.

  • Support the transition of children between settings.

Running now for over 2 years in the largest authority in Europe, here are some of the feedback comments of Early Years professionals who have already undertaken this training:  

“Will be trying workshops with next year's inductions. Very Good!”“Excellent ideas / hand-outs / training materials”

“The workshop was fantastic – I found it fun and informative, the staff were brilliant well done”

“Thank you so much, will be using this programme with Nursery Parents/families”

“Looking forward to implementing new ideas – thank you!”

“Fantastic scheme” 

There is no date set for this training as yet.  If you would be interested in attending the next course we deliver, please let us know by contacting us here.


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