Fast-Track Prosecution Process & Case Study Workshop 

Course duration: FULL DAY: 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Suitable for:                All Academies and Maintained Schools, Designated Liaison Person for pupil attendance; Head teachers; SLT Attendance Leads; Attendance Managers with leadership responsibility for attendance.

As requested by schools, we will be extending our ‘Legal Process’ session to a full day’s training to incorporate case studies.   We hope this extension of the course will assist schools with implementing the process and offer additional time for questions and study: in particular, scenarios that affect a range of primary, secondary and special schools.

 We will also look at an Early Help approach to attendance, incorporating the legal process.

From September therefore, the course presently running as ‘School Attendance & the Legal Process’ (or ‘Spotlight’), will be known as Fast-Track Prosecution Process & Case Study Workshop and will run from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Session Content:

  • How, why & when we take legal action
  • Reviewing the 'Spotlight' process & transition to Fast-Track Prosecution
  • Recording actions taken to meet the requirements of evidence in prosecutions
  • Leave in Term Time
  • An introduction to Early Help strategies
  • Fast-Track case studies
  • Legal interventions and outcomes

Please note: Course content is subject to change according to legal requirements & LA processes.

Please note:  This course is for schools that fall within the Birmingham Local Authority boundaries only.

Training Calendar (details of time, venue, etc)

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NOT A BIRMINGHAM SCHOOL?   There are generic processes that can be implemented to make the action of court intervention a smooth(er) journey for all schools and academies.  If your school is not within the Birmingham Local Authority, but you would be interested in attending a similar session, please let us know.  While we cannot specify training for each particular LA with its own policies and process, we can offer the following:

  • Guidance and practical advice running a fast track programme for prosecution
  • What and how to collect, collate and present evidence
  • Timelines for bringing a prosecution case
  • Template documents for whole school/individual letters and witness statement formats for court
  • Advice and guidance for court appearances etc.   

Sufficient interest from schools in other areas regarding this topic will generate such a course - please contact us!