Accurate Coding & Pupil Registration

Coding of the registration of children attending school is a legal requirement.  It shows us that children are accessing their legal right to an education; it tells us the whereabouts of our children.  Safe and in school - or missing?  Educated off-site or ill?  Not at home?  Where?   Coding must therefore be accurate and to neglect the accurate coding of school attendance is to do so at the risk of criminal offence or worse: the unaccountable disappearance of a pupil.  Attendance, after all, is a safeguarding issue.  

Course duration: half-day

Suitable for:  Attendance Managers and staff with responsibility for pupil attendance

Learning Outcomes:  

  • To have a clearer understanding of the Pupil Registration Regulations

  • To correctly register pupils and record pupil absences

  • To correctly admit or delete pupils from registers

  • To clarify best practice in the use of Codes

  • To consider the implications for pupil attendance

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